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Burger Cat Burger Cat
Can you help the cat get to the tasty burger? Avoid the traps and make the way clear for the cat.
Burger Queen Burger Queen
Become the Queen of all burger chains as you serve you customers the best burgers money can buy. Try to make your burgers taste similar to the secret recipe to drive sales.
Burger Jam Burger Jam
Find out what type of burger or fries the customers need and then make the right burger and give it to them. Earn the required amount of money to progress.
Zombie Burger Zombie Burger
The zombies are hungry and you are about to capitalize on their hunger by starting a burger and hot dog stall. Earn cash feeding the zombies in town.
Burger Restaurant Burger Restaurant
Run the burger restaurant by serving your customers their needs and earn money.
Tiger Burger Tiger Burger
Tiger Woods has started serving burgers after being hounded by his wife all the time. Help Tiger earn some money as he starts his new job in a fast food chain.
Top That Top That
Running a fast food counter requires you not just to be a good cook but you also need to be fast and accurate. You will be tested in this game where customer's patience always runs thin.
Family BBQ Family BBQ
Cook some delicious food for your relatives and earn the prized reputation of an awesome cook.
How to make Lasagne Surprise How to make Lasagne Surprise
Learn how to make lasagne in this cool educational cooking game. Learn all the ingredients required and the order in which to use the ingredients.
Ballmers Burger Place Ballmers Burger Place
Identify the ingredients that are in the burger and prepare the same burger before time runs out. Attain the required targets to move to the next level.
Burger Toppings Burger Toppings
Running a burger can get tough at times with so many customers to cater to. Look at what the customers want and serve them the right burgers and drinks.
Burger Time Burger Time
How many burgers will you be able to make in this pacman style game? Put the ingredients together by running over them. You have limited number of lives.
Busy Burger Busy Burger
Learn to operate the fries machine, nuTTet machine, burger machine and the juice machine and serve the customers that come to your shop.
Perfect Burger Builder Perfect Burger Builder
Build the perfect burgers that will leave everyone wanting for more. The better burgers you make, the more money you earn.
Burger Tycoon Burger Tycoon
Managing a hamTT Games is never easy. Read the 30 page tutorial to get started on your journey to become a burger tycoon.
The Great Burger Builder The Great Burger Builder
Help the cook make some great burgers by helping him with the ingredients. A burger has to be made with ingredients used in the correct order.

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